"Vaudeville might never have died if it had Walton"

The Wichita Eagle review:

Debra Walton as Mona

"Sexier and sassier than the usual musical theater fare, with a nicely subversive undercurrent throughout, Music Theatre of Wichita's "Chicago" is a nearly perfect piece of entertainment.

Debra Walton's arms alone are worth the price of admission, but she brings a complete package of talent to her key role of literal femme fatale Velma Kelly. A powerhouse vocalist and dynamic dancer, she uses both abilities to augment an effectively complex portrayal of a strong and dangerously sexy woman.

The book by Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse fleshes out this bare bones story line with strong characters and the top-notch score by composer John Kander and lyricist Ebb does the same with such now-standard songs as "All That Jazz," "When You're Good to Mama" and "Razzle Dazzle." Director Gary Kilmer, a veteran of "Chicago" productions on Broadway and elsewhere, knows precisely what to do with this strong material. Basically, he injects enough sex appeal to seduce the most steadfast traditionalist, proving the play's most disturbing points rather than just illustrating them."

The Palm Beach Post
The Sun Sentinel:
"...Debra Walton is the shows hottest female as Velma Kelly...With Walton out front raising the roof vocally for All That Jazz, the whole world ought to stop watch and listen"
"Vaudeville might never have died if it had Debra Walton, as radiant and multitalented performer as I have seen in a long time. Her Carbonell Award-worthy star turn as Velma is so good it's criminal. Walton's athletic, acrobatic solo number, the ironically titled I Can't Do It Alone is a genuine showstopper.
Debra as Velma photo gallery
Debra Walton as Velma Debra Walton as Velma
Nancy Lemenager as Roxie & Debra Walton as Velma
Debra Walton as Velma Debra Walton as Velma
Debra Walton as Velma Debra Walton as Velma
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