Pajama Game
Tony Award Winning Broadway Revival
Dresses Are Fine, but Pajamas Are Divine
The NY Times review:

"What's this? Sexual chemistry in a Broadway musical? Isn't that illegal now? If it were, then Mr. Connick and Ms. O'Hara would be looking at long jail terms. Grown-up audiences have the chance to witness something rarely seen anymore: a bona fide adult love affair, with all its attendant frictions, translated into the populist poetry of hummable songs and sprightly dance.

The factory girls and secretaries of "The Pajama Game" were never merely decorative objects. They had minds and spines of their own, which leveled the erotic playing field and made the central sport a fierce tug of war instead of a giggly game of hide and seek. Ms. Marshall fastens onto this aspect with happy assurance. In her "Pajama Game," it's the women who take the physical initiative and who land the first kisses."

The Patriot-News review:
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"To be up front, it's the best musical revival the Roundabout has statged in 40 years.

Debra Walton stepped out of the chours to play Mae, the lead dancer in the "Steam HEat" number and did it with all the exuberance and energy called for. Fifty-one years ago, another young understudy replaced Carol Haney in the role. A newspaper critic happend to see her and gave her a rave, which launched the movie career of SHirley MacLaine. Whow knows?"

Cast wth Kelli O'Hara and Debra Walton
Debra Walton leads the picnic jump
Cast wth Harry Connick, Jr. (Debra Walton front row right)
Marshall, Benson and Walton wtih Tony
Debra with Devin Richards backstage
Harry Connick, Jr. with Debra Walton back stage
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