Smokey Joe's Cafe
The Boston Globe review:
Debra Walton in Smokey Joes Cafe
"For Smokey Joe's Cafe, the North Shore Music Theatre put its budget into the cast, which was smart. Debra Walton may be the most striking performer in the cast, but no one is weak. Catrice Joseph has an amazing set of gospel pipes, and so does Devin Richards, who plumbs all the bass notes." review:

"Smokey Joe's Café sends you roaring back to the golden years of rock with a plethora of songs written by the renowned team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Smokey Joe's Café captures the heart and soul of their decade of music making. The nine cast members each must carry their weight in talent to pull this off. With more than thirty songs in the two hour show, everyone has their chance to show what they've got; and boy, do they got it! The singing in the show is flawless. Debra Walton struts with her sultry solo 'Don Juan' (complete with feather-boa). And the audience can't stay quiet when Mary Fannings Driggs, Gabrielle Goyette, Liz Pearce, and Debra Walton step-up with their brassy number, 'I'm a Woman.' The night is filled with winning numbers that keep the energy snapping throughout the theatre."

The Deseret News review:

Debra as Brenda photo gallery

"It's impossible to pick a favorite in the cast. The four women are impressive. Gabrielle Goyette is sassy and bold. Driggs belts out her numbers with a hint of a country twang. Liz Pearce is the one who does the shimmy. Debra Walton takes a star turn, trailing a long boa and singing sultry. When the four do "I'm a Woman," the audience roars right back at them."

Debra Walton in Smokey Joes
Debra Walton in Smokey Joes
Debra Walton in Smokey Joes
Debra with Devin Richards in North Shore's Smokey
Debra Walton in Smokey Joes
Debra with Liz Pearce, Gabrielle Goyette, Mary Driggs
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