Street Corner
Theater review
"A very Tina Turner-like Debra Walton stirs it up with Proud Mary."
The NY Times review
"The cast of eight moves joyously to all the loopy 60's dance crazes, like the Mashed Potato, the Frug, the Jerk, the Boogaloo and the Swim."
Broadway cast of Street Corner Symphony
for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
interview click here
Carol Dennis, Jose Llana, Debra Walton, Eugene Fleming,
Catherine Morin, Victor Trent Cook, Stacy Francis & C. E. Smith
Entertainment Weekly review:
"Unless audiences lose their taste for classic '60s and '70s tunes overnight, this highly enjoyable revue could become the sleeper of the season. The talented eight-member cast gives rousing renditions of nearly 40 pop-radio hits, from "Dancing in the Street" to "Love Train." Caffey should add even more songs; at 95 minutes, this is one Symphony that understays its welcome."
Debra originates the role of Debbie on Broadway
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